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NFT Art Coming soon…

Jan 29, 2022 by kaiwen - 0 Comments

Hello, soon you will be able to purchase your very own Kai Wen Gold Fish NFT.  The extra cool thing I will be doing is sending the people who buy a NFT that is SUPER RARE a t-shirt that matches the NFT colors that you brought.  This will be for the very first person who buys the NFT and not if the NFT is resold.   Just the first purchaser of the NFT!  The NFT project will go live on February 14, 2022!

Hello world!

Jun 03, 2019 by kaiwen - 0 Comments

Hello this is my very first blog post on my site.  This has been a long time in the making and I am still learning on how to create blog post so please bear with me.